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Ariel Academy Cello

Andrea Di Gregorio

Andrea Di Gregorio

Name: Andrea Di Gregorio

Instrument: Cello, Bass, Piano, Audition Coach

Contact: 304-542-2089

Affiliation: The Ohio Valley Symphony, West Virginia Symphony, West Virginia State University, Monclaire String Quartet, New Hampshire Music Festival

Education: University of Colorado, Yale University, University of Wisconsin

Instruction via: Jitsi Meet

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Matthew Shin

Name: Matthew Shin

Instrument: Cello

Contact: 937-641-9772,

Affiliation: The Ohio Valley Symphony; Illinois Symphony

Education: Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from University of Cincinnati; College-Conservatory of Music, graduated magna cum laude in 2018

Instruction via: FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc.

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