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Between Heaven and Hell, Live Drama

190511 HeavenMay 11, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Free Event, No Ticket Required
Presented by Power in the Blood Ministry.

Power in the Blood Ministry has been bringing the “bible alive” for 26 years.  They have traveled through the tri-state area, performing live dramas.  The cast is comprised of  Christian believers from various churches.  Depending on the drama being performed, the cast has included 2 to 100 people.

The ministry first began performing strength demonstrations, proclaiming God’s powerful life changing Word.  Soon after, it was called to bring the pages of the bible alive. This has allowed viewers in churches, theatres, auditoriums, amphitheaters, and prisons to see the scripture come alive right in front of them. Power in the Blood ministry uses bible character performances, everyday people performing, beautiful singing, stage scenes and props, and video technology,  highlighted by sound and special stage lighting.

Through the years, the ministry has seen thousands of people’s lives changed by God’s Word. One of their longest performing dramas is the Noah’s Ark Drama performed at Hillside Baptist Church Amphitheatre in Pomeroy, Ohio.  The drama is performed  during the month of August. This year will be it’s twenty-first year.  Their most recent drama, Between Heaven and Hell, brings the bible alive beginning with the early Church, after the crucifixion of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It also includes the present time of proclaiming God’s Word to everyday people, climaxing with the final, closure of life. The drama will allow viewers to see the full message of the scriptures come alive, and allow them an opportunity to let God change their life forevermore.

Power in the Blood Ministry is blessed to be a part of local area ministries being used of  God to help proclaim His Word to the tri-state area.